nayan seth

AADHAR Online Portal

published on 8th January, 2015 at 7:26PM

Note: This is a rough idea. Please feel free to share your views.

  1. Use the AADHAR card number as user id for users and provide them with an online portal where they can access ecopy of all the documents attached with AADHAR Card.
  2. Provide services to users through this online portal like issue a new driving license (book an appointment), renew passport, renew license, etc. Every service which will require presence of user, can be provided as book appointment services. Charge user for this.
  3. Once procedure is over deliver the new document via Indian Postal Service.

Benefits of AADHAR Online Portal

  1. Time Saver
  2. Transparency
  3. Many services won't require user to go to the office. People won't have to travel unnecessarily. Less crowd at Government Offices.

Investment/How to Proceed?

Indian Engineers keep looking for internship. Hire them. Hire a professional who will charge around INR 1 Lakh. During this Internship, not only will our Indian Engineers learn but they can be hired full time as an IT Expert working for RAW or Government of India. As they all say, its not about marks always, its about implementation.

Benefit of hiring Indian Engineers is that, every new engineer comes with novel ideas and looking at our knowledge, we can easily be the best. It's just about the initiative.

Benefit to Government: The happiness they will receive when people thank them!

Update 1: GoI has launched Digital Locker. A great initiative but I do have some suggestions here too,

  1. 10MB is just too less. 1MB limit is also quite less. I think 500MB should be the storage provided.
  2. Provision to change display picture and a way by which it can be authorised as the official pic for AADHAR.
  3. Why not have a single digital portal instead of external websites for different purposes such as E-AADHAR, etc. As it improves, new provisions for passport renewal, etc can be created.
  4. Single sign in for all GoI services through AADHAR. Just think of it like you are logging into any one of the GoI website and in a few mins you open another GoI portal, it should still show that you are logged in. Kind of central sign in just like Google has linked everything with Google Plus.

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