nayan seth

Tech Barrack Solutions LLP

Current, November 30th, 2009

Duration - 5+ Years

I am the founder and CEO of Tech Barrack Solutions LLP. It is one of the best things that I have done till date. Everything that I have learnt and imbibed is because of Tech Barrack Solutions. There is a youtube channel with the handle @techbarrack. It provides tech tutorials and reviews. There are some cool applications and tech books which are distributed through Tech Barrack Solutions.

Cisco Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

June 17th, 2013

Duration - 3 Weeks

Cisco is truly the networking king. Found some great individuals who are completely dedicated to work. I was lucky enough to test the all new ASR 901 Series Router. Performed several latency tests and many other tests to check the processor performance. Apart from testing, I got a chance to learn about BGP, VRF, IPv6 Tunnelling, 6VPe. While learning, I even got a chance to set up a BGP network and tweaked it to get the most out of it.

Indiagames Pvt. Ltd.

April, 2007

Duration - 2 Months

Indiagames has been bought by Disney. When I was a summer trainee at Indiagames, I was assigned a role of testing games. That was the time when we use to have Java games on most of the phones. I tested several games such as Bruce Lee, Cricket, etc. Since the advent of iPhone and other Android smartphones, these games would be obscure to most of the kids. But those were the type of games available at that point of time. Testing was not the only thing. I played lots of games. Majorly PC games. Got a chance to be part of I am GOD, event.

Paradox Studios

April, 2006

Duration - 2 Months

Paradox Studios was later known as Jump Games. Now it is a part of Reliance Games. As a summer trainee, I got a chance to design games as well as test them. Motherload was the game which I was assigned for designing. For testing, I tested few games. And these were really boring games. Not the entertaining types, that we get on smartphones nowadays. However, as soon as the clock ticked 1, it was gaming time. Everyone would be present in the gaming room and keep playing for an hour.